CloudPrimus Overview

CloudPrimus is a platform to manage 2 key components of the Cloud Infrastructure for large enterprises, i.e.

  • Identity Management
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Management

Managing the Cloud Infrastructure for large enterprises can be challenging.     Imposing too many controls and constraints can be cumbersome. 

CloudPrimus leverage on Automation to allow your enterprise to operate on a Self-Service concept.  In this way, it preserves the agility of the cloud without compromising on its security posture.


Cloud Identity Management

Today, large enterprises generally leverage on a directory service, i.e. Active Directory, to manage all their users login.  Only authenticated users will be allowed access to their services in the corporate network.  

In the cloud, there is a similar type of cloud identity to manage the users access to IaaS services and SaaS services.  Some popular cloud identity services are:

  • Okta
  • Microsoft Azure AD

CloudPrimus manages the replication of the user accounts from the on-premise Local AD to these Cloud Identity Services.   


Infrastructure As A Service

Providing access to Multi-Cloud for large enterprises can be challenging.   A lot of key questions need to be answered.

  • How do we provide network connectivity from On-Premise to the Cloud?
  • How do we secure access to the Cloud Service Provider portals and the provisioned workloads?
  • How to manage different cloud resources from different CSP?